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Create a Cookbook is a self-publishing company providing a complete package to help users create stunning cookbooks. Quality is everything and we've earned a reputation of producing cookbooks that rival any professional cookbook with our beautiful designs and print quality. Simply sign up today and purchase the complete package to get started.

The package consists of a fixed layout ebook once your cookbook is finished. We set up your online recipe form which is accessed via our website. All recipes entered are stored in your account. Invite family, friends, colleagues or your community to submit their recipes. These are also added to your account. We've taken the hard work out of making a cookbook with our great selection of beautiful ready-made cookbook designs. Each template design also includes chapter openers, contents, foreword, acknowledgement, index and conversion chart. You have access to 1000s of professionally-styled food & background images to add to your cookbook. The package also includes our easy-to-follow 3-step program.

Step 1 Enter recipes via the online submit recipe form located on our website.

Step 2 Upload personal images into your account.

Step 3 Choose a pre-designed cookbook template and book size.

As part of the package, we import all your recipes into the template ready for you to add your images. 

You also have access to an icon library where you can feature as many icons as you like and in any colour. We also supply 100s of page layout templates including various tip box designs. Simply choose and replace with your own images, recipes and images and also any text for tip boxes.

For anyone wanting to create a cookbook as a fundraiser for their community, we can also provide as part of your package a fundraiser kit which includes tools, tips and templates to help you achieve your goal. Read on to find out the differrent ways to raising funds for your cookbook.


Pre-designed templates

We've created a great selection of beautifully-designed ready-made cookbook templates. Each template comes with 100s of optional combination page templates that gives you the choice of featuring recipes and images on the same page, whether it be a collage of images, a page with tip boxes, recipes and images on the same page, icons and much, much more.

Recipe library

Start by adding treasured recipes into your recipe library. To add a recipe, select the SUBMIT RECIPE from the website menu.

Cover types

Choose from 5 different cover types.
Wire-bind softcover
Wire-bind hardback
Hardback fabric combination.

Book sizes

Chose from 6 different book sizes.
A5 (14x21cm)
Small Square (17x20cm)
Portrait (19x25cm)
Large Square (21x25cm)
A4 (21x29cm)
Coffee Table (25x28cm)


Give your cookbook that extra special touch with our great selection of add-ons. Examples include embossed text on the cover with a gloss finish. A fold-in front and back flap for the softcover and wire-bind range. Add a dust jacket to protect your cover and for that extra special touch, inlcude one or more ribbons to the hardback range. Prices available on the calculator.

Adobe InDesign

If you have design skills and prefer to design your cookbook using Adobe InDesign, then there is no need to sign up unless you want to use the online recipe form, feature images from our library,  get us to check your final book and to create a print ready PDF for you.

Otherwise, If you are happpy to supply your own artwork, email us for exact specifications including final spine width, book size and bleed and how to provide the final PDF to us.

Personal images

There's no limit to the quantity of personal images and drawings you can add to your cookbook. Our guide tells you what quality your images need to be for printed books. We also show you easy ways to view and check the quality of your images.

More than just a cookbook

Think about featuring images of your local area. You may be lucky enough to live in a tourist location. Or perhaps feature historical photos and the stories behind them. The possibilities are endless. We have lots of page templates to choose from to suit your needs.

Free stock food image library

Choose from 1000s of professinally-styled stock images. Our library is growing all the time.

Beautiful backgrounds

Spice up your cookbook by adding gorgeous background images from our library. Choose from 1000’s of different backgrounds to feature behind your recipes. Available for all users.

Cookbook fundraiser

Make your cookbook fundraiser 100% risk free by adding sponsorship and pre-sales. As part of your package you can also request our fundraiser kit with contract and pre-sale templates, ready to print flyers and posters and suggested prices to charge local business. You will also receive a complete guide to the various types of sponsorship and how to market and distribute your book making sure you sell them all in a short period of time.  Feedback shows us that local sponsors are happy to support communities, as they feel they are also getting something in return. Aim high, raising thousands of $$$$ for your cause.

Pre-sales combined with sponsorship have the potential of raising ALL, if not, most of the funds needed before layout, printing and shipping. Adding a chapter at the back of your cookbook called "sponsorship directory" is the most popular way to pre-fund your fundraising cookbook project. Most local businesses are happy to support their local community, and in turn, they also benefit from advertising their business in your beautiful cookbook.

Fundraiser guide

There's lots of ways to raise sponsorship for your cookbook. Download our fundraiser guide showing you different types of sponsorship for your cookbook fundraiser. Potentially you can raise not just 1000s, but 10s of 1000s of dollars. We've had schools and organisations who've raised over $250,000. Amazing!


Customer support

Contact us by email is your best option. We're known for replying promptly to all enquiries. Want to speak to someone direct? We're available to chat live between 9.30am -5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Fill in the CONTACT US form or email us to organise an appointment.

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