Frequently asked questions

How much is the cookbook package?

Purchase the cookbook package for just $49.

The complete package includes:-

*Epub fixed layout ebook & flipbook
*Pre-designed cookbook template
*Extensive library of professionally-styled food and background images
*Unlimited drawings, icons & tip boxes
*Online recipe form if requesting recipes
*100s of page layout templates
*Optional fundraiser tools
*Final completion of your cookbook by our team for printed books.

Print 10 or more books and we'll refund the cost of the package.

What's next after I sign up?

You will receive a welcome email. The welcome email will either ask you to connect your email to a Google account (link is provided, follow the prompts) and also a link is provided letting us know your book set up request so we can personalise your account.

What's involved in creating a cookbook?

Pick a template, add recipes and images and we finish the cookbook ready for print.

Choose a cookbook template eliminating the hard work of creating a design from scratch. Includes 100s of combination page layouts.
Add treasured recipes direct into your template or request recipes using our online form and we'll add them to your book for you.
Add personal images including photos of food, drawings, old history photos, treasured family or school photos, and even images of your surrounding area.
Special touches include adding any food types and backgrounds from our extensive libary, as well as tip boxes or hand drawings and icons in any colour.
We finish your cookbook getting it ready for print.

What if I have already typed up the recipes in a word document?

The cookbook template is preset with set font styles, size and sometimes colour. We recommend you type your recipes either via the online recipe form on our website or directly into your cookbook template over using the font styles already set. If you cut and paste whole recipes from an existing document into your template, you may run the risk of inserting formatting styles from where you copied your recipes from and adding them into your template resulting in having other font styles and spacing issues etc. 

Can I invite other people to submit recipes?

Absolutely. When you sign up, you will have the choice of requesting the use of the online recipe form so that you can invite family, friends, colleagues or your community to submit their recipes. Just direct them to our website and tell them to select their name or organisation. Recipes will be added to your Recipe library and once you've received them all, we import them, in chapter order, into your cookbook template.

What's the copyright on recipes from other sources?

The recipe title should be unique to the author. Ingredients are not deemed as creative but technical and therefore there is no copyright issues. However, the recipe method is deemed as creative writing and therefore copyright. The method needs to be written in the author’s own words describing how they made the recipe. If your inspiration comes from a published author, you can also quote that you were inspired by.... adding the name of the author/published cookbook. You cannot publish a recipe word-for-word from any other source unless you have their written permission.

How many pages do I need for my recipes?

This depends on a lot of factors. If you are only publishing an ebook, you can add unlimited amount of pages. However if you are printing your cookbok it comes down to the length of each recipe, how many you have and and how many photos you want to feature in your cookbook. You also need to consider adding a title page, contents, chapter openers, introduction or foreword, index, conversion, sponsorship (if applicable) etc. Inside pages need to match the quantity pages as indicated on the Pricing Calculator. Inside pages start from 24 and increase in increments of 8 pages. Therefore, if you have 141 inside pages in total, and the book size according to the price calculator is 144, then the last 3 pages of your cookbook will print as blank pages.

How can we cover the cost of our cookbook before going to print?

If you're creating a cookbook as a fundraiser, adding sponsorship not only enables you to cover a substantial, and in some cases, the total cost of your cookbook. This makes creating your cookbook “risk free” with every sale 100% profit. Refer to the HOW IT WORKS showing you the different ways to add sponsorship to your book. You can also request some fundraiser information which we email to you to present to your committee. Upon sign up, if you select that your book is a fundraiser, we provide templates that you can edit to suit, including a recipe request form, pre-order form and a sponsor contract as well as other various templates and tools you might find useful to achieve your goal.

How many personal images can we place in our cookbook?

As many as you like. We have lots of page templates to choose from that allow you to feature one or lots of images on the same page. You can also feature recipes or text on the same page as your images.

How do we check the quality of personal images?

Images for print need to be at least 300dpi and the size needs to be the same as the book you select or larger. You can always reduce an image size with affecting the photo but if you have a very small image it will become distorted the more you increase it in size. We strongly recommend that you do not add images from the internet into your cookbook as they are most likely very low resoluton and can be as small as a postage stamp. These images are not suitable for print.

What is a pre-designed template?

We've designed lots of templates eliminating the daunting task of creating a cookbook from scratch. Simply choose a style. Template styles include country, outback, modern, simple, sleek and pre-school etc. 

Tell us about your image library?

You'll have access to our extensive photo library filled with beautifully-styled images. There's no limit to the amount of images you can use in your cookbook template.

When do we need to decide on the final print run?

When you're ready to print your cookbook.

Do I get to see the final digital copy before print?

You sure do. We upload a PDF print-ready copy of your book ready for you to approve and sign off.

How can we work out how long the cookbook will take if we have a future event coming up?

Depends. We recommend around 2 to 3 weeks to request recipes, We then need one business day to import them into your template. Around 1 to 2 weeks if you can dedicate the time to edit and add images to your cookbook, but obviously add more weeks if your time is limited. We recommend having a group of helpers to edit and proof read recipes and adding images to the template. At any time, we can invite helpers to enter and edit your cookbook template. More than 1 person can be in the cookbook template at once to edit. The template auto-saves so no need to worry about saving each time. We need around 1-3 days to finish your cookbook getting it ready for print and final sign off.

Refer to the Price Calculator on our website for printing and shipping time. Select book type. Click shipping and enter postcode that you would like the books delivered to. You will see estimated shipping days. Displayed at the bottom of the pop up box you will see estimated printing days. **Note: these are estimated times and are based on an average turnaround.

Are there any other hidden costs?

The only other cost you may incur is if you select seafreight as your preferred shipping method, and live more than 50km from the CBD. We can provide contact details so that you can either arrange collection of the books from the nearest CBD or contact our freight forwarder direct to enquire about road freight costs. Note that shipments to Tasmania, the nearest CBD for collection is Melbourne.

How long do we have to check the cookbooks once they arrive?

Exactly 7 days from delivery of shipment. If you have ordered a large quantity of books, we recommend you ask volunteers to help check them. For bulk printing we provide extra books. It’s important to thoroughly read our terms and conditions/return policy and distribution to determine what is deemed as a faulty cookbook. If you do have an issue, distribution of the books cannot commence until the matter has been resolved.

If we sell all our cookbooks, can we reprint?

Of course you can. Our prices are heavily discounted anyway, so just select the quantity you'd like to reprint in the price calculator. Get in touch with our customer service for further details.