Frequently asked questions

How much is the Step by Step package?

The cookbook step by step package is just $49 and includes everything as mentioned on our home page. When you're ready to publish your cookbook, we discount the fee making the program free of charge for those printing 10 or more books.

What's next after I sign up?

Before you can log into your account, we need a little time to set up your account. Your name will be added to the SUBMIT recipe drop down menu. You'll also receive a link to activate your account.  Once your account is activated, you can then login via our website. We use the services of Google Suite. If you don't already have a google account attached to your email, it will prompt you to create one and choose a password. You have the option of using your existing email instead of creating a Gmail.

What's involved in creating a cookbook?

Simply follow each step below to creating your cookbook.

Step 1 Select your name from the drop down menu SUBMIT RECIPE on our website. Recipes are fed directly into your Recipe library. To access and edit recipes in the library, simply login to your Google account via our website.

Step 2 We show you how to upload personal images into your Google account including drawings and artwork that you'd like to feature in your cookbook. There's no limit to how many personal images you can feature in your cookbook. Our guide lets you know what image format types to use in your cookbook and the resolution they need to be for print.

Step 3 Once you've completed Steps 1 & 2, Step 3 is where you will choose your cookbook template and book size. We import your recipes into your template ready for you to add your images and complete your layout.

That's it. Fill in the PUBLISH MY COOKBOOK. We take over and check your book including an index if you choose to insert one. We upload your ebook and if you are also printing your books, we provide a PDF Print ready file.

What if I have already typed up the recipes in a word document?

You can cut and paste your recipes from your document into the SUBMIT RECIPE FORM on our website. Each recipe is fed directly into your Recipe Library and eliminates any formatting issues. Cutting and pasting recipes direct into the cookbook template can result in formatting issues. However, when editing your cookbook template, you can type recipes direct over an existing dummy recipe page layout that already has your preset font styles attached.

Can I invite other people to submit recipes?

Absolutely. All they need to do is jump onto the Create a Cookbook website and select your name. It's that simple. Their recipes will be added to your Recipe library.

What's the copyright on recipes from other sources?

The recipe title should be unique to the author. Ingredients are not deemed as creative but technical and therefore there is no copyright issues. However, the recipe method is deemed as creative writing and therefore copyright. The method needs to be written in the author’s own words describing how they made the recipe. If your inspiration comes from a published author, you can also quote that you were inspired by.... adding the name of the author/published cookbook. You cannot publish a recipe word-for-word from any other source unless you have their written permission.

How do we work out how many pages our book will be if I print my book?

You decide how many pages in total. It comes down to how many recipes and photos you can fit on each page. However, note that your inside pages need to match the quantity pages as indicated on the Pricing Calculator. Inside pages start from 24 and increase in increments of 8 pages at at time. Therefore, if you have 141 inside pages in total, and the book size according to the price calculator is 144, then the last 3 pages of your cookbook will print as blank pages.

How can we cover the cost of our cookbook before going to print?

If you're creating a cookbook as a fundraiser, adding sponsorship not only enables you to cover a substantial, and in some cases, the total cost of your cookbook. This makes creating your cookbook “risk free” with every sale100% profit. Refer to the HOW IT WORKS showing you the different ways to add sponsorship to your book. Upon sign up, you can request various templates to use for your fundraiser, including a recipe request form, pre-order form and a sponsor contract as well as other various templates and tools you might find useful to achieve your goal.

How many personal images can we place in our cookbook?

As many as you like. We have lots of page templates to choose from that allow you to feature one or lots of images on the same page. You can also feature recipes or text on the same page as your images.

How do we check the quality of personal images?

Read the articles in your account detailing what size and type your images need to be if you are planning to print your cookbook. You will also find an article showing you how to check the quality of your images before going to print.

What is a pre-designed template?

We've designed lots of templates eliminating the daunting task of creating a cookbook from scratch. Simply choose a style. Template styles include country, outback, modern, simple, sleek and pre-school etc. We also offer a custom template design service if you don't see anything you like. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll create a template especially tailored for you.

Tell us about your food and background image library?

In addition to using your own images, you can feature images from our food and background library at no charge.

What if I can't find a stock image to match my recipe?

No problem. Send us a copy of the recipe and we'll go searching for you.

When do we need to decide on the final print run?

When you're ready to publish your cookbook. Click the "PUBLISH MY COOKBOOK" link on the bottom of our website page.

Do I get to see the final digital copy before print?

You sure do. When you're happy with the final PDF print-ready copy in your account, simply fill in the SIGN OFF AGREEMENT link located at the bottom of our website page.

How long do the books take to print and ship?

Depends. Refer to the Price Calculator on our website. Select book type. Click shipping and enter postcode to show estimated printing and shipping days. 

Are there any other hidden costs?

Add-ons are optional extras that you can feature depending on the cover type of your cookbook and quantity. Refer to the Price Calculator for prices.

If you've selected seafreight as your preferred shipping method, and live more than 50km from the CBD, then you'll need to collect the books from our freight carrier, or else we're happy to provide contact details to enquire about road freight costs. Note that shipments to Tasmania, the nearest CBD for collection is Melbourne.

How long do we have to check the cookbooks once they arrive?

Exactly 7 days from delivery of shipment. We recommend you ask volunteers to help check them if you have ordered a large quantity. We provide extra books just in case damage occurs during transit. It’s important to thoroughly read our terms and conditions/return policy and distribution to determine what is deemed as a faulty cookbook. If you do have an issue, distribution of the books cannot commence until the matter has been resolved.

If we sell all our cookbooks, can we reprint?

Of course you can. Our prices are heavily discounted anyway, so just select the quantity you'd like to reprint in the price calculator. Get in touch with our customer service for further details.